Business Continuity


Stored both onsite and in state-of-the-art, disaster-proof facilities, data is protected from unforeseen catastrophe, both internally, and externally. AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption ensures data is safe and meets industry regulations (i.e. HIPAA, SOX, PCI).


Our hardware and software partners have designed technologies specifically for disaster recovery. Quick and efficient transferring of files to offsite data centers, even with low bandwidth or busy network environments. Critical data can be prioritized to be transferred off-site first.


Downtime after a disaster is reduced to hours, minutes, or even seconds. Automated screenshots are taken and reported to ensure each backup was successful and can be booted at any time. Each backup is saved in multiple locations: local appliance and bi-coastal data centers.

Traditional Backup vs. Business Continuity

Implementation of a business continuity plan allows companies to operate normally while primary systems are restored. Upon repair, Quantified’s continuity device restores data back to primary systems, without interruption to employee productivity. In the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, fire or flood, clients can relocate and access all data from our data centers.  With Quantified’s business continuity, each step occurs instantly and without client intervention. Contrastively, traditional backup methods such as tape, disk, and NAS devices have long recovery times and bring employee productivity to a standstill.